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Shanxi fanrongfu Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly known as the city of Xinzhou chemical reagents) was founded in 1988, nearly 20 years of production history, the country"s largest manufacturer of sodium acetate. Factory covers an area of 124 mu, 31,900,000 yuan of fixed assets, more than 200 employees. Annual sales of more than 3,500 yuan, profits and taxes in more than 500 million. The main products include: a variety of acetate, Rong Xueji, furfural, and other 14 varieties of the 10 categories.
Our service is the purpose of "quality first, reputation first, customers above everything else." Positive use of advanced production equipment and production technology, with a full range of testing facilities and experienced personnel detection, in strict accordance with the relevant standards of production. More than 30 professional and technical personnel. One skilled workers account for the production staff of more than 50%. In the spirit of enterprise "persistent focus, and surpass," under the guidance based on the "generation of production, generation reserves, the development of a generation" products, new ideas and products to ensure that the existing quantity and quality, continuous extension of the industrial chain to improve the technological content of products. Technical advantage and quality of the market advantage to corporate culture and the spirit of the connotation of trade unions to promote the continuous improvement of the quality and technological progress. Our goal is to build the development of first-class workforce, production-class products, top-notch company.
In order to sustain the continuous development of enterprises, improve the overall quality of staff and the core competitiveness. Enterprise adoption of ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, certification KC Jewish food. Thanks to our efforts, "the rich and prosperity" brand was registered trademarks of the honorary title of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province has been named the Consumer Association of integrity unit, Shanxi Province for eight consecutive years by the Agricultural Bank credit grade AAA rated companies such as the glorious title Product quality, best-selling throughout the country and has the right to self-export, sold to the United States, Germany, South Korea and Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
Efforts to improve the production environment and workers living environment, the continuous development of the enterprise, we put a lot of capital on a number of technological transformation, plant and the expansion of production and living facilities to upgrade the update, at the same time, continue to be enriched and detection equipment, improve the means of detection, positive Training related to personnel, improve the professional quality of thinking and understanding, set for the consumer, to win glory for the enterprise awareness. Quality to survive in order to promote the quality of development.
In the management of enterprises, establish their sense of innovation and implementation of the "3" management (that is: this person, the cost of capital) to break the old traditions and establishing new concepts. The original management model adjusted by the block model into a horizontal strip large classes, management in one step, to reduce intermediate links, open communication in a timely manner. At the same time, with new employment mechanism and the distribution of the program and linked to the quality of the work. Fully in all aspects encouraging all sectors of the work.
Technological innovation, the outcome of ongoing, significant benefits, the development of enterprises can not be separated from technological progress. We have been constant innovation, to develop many new products, new technology invented, the completion of the dozens of technological innovation. All this effectively promoted technological progress and improve the quality of the work, but also for enterprises in market competition has added vitality.
Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise not only be able to fully display the image of an enterprise with the style, it is also in the enterprise development boosters, there is no culture of the enterprise, like a pool of stagnant water, lack of vitality, we guided by the spirit of enterprise, education Workers continue to go beyond the self, not with the status quo, to be extraordinary potential. In accordance with the "solidarity, strict fine, careful calculation and strict budgeting, excellence, precision products," five-refined style, strict requirements, not only to improve everyone"s quality, but also to play a "team spirit" and collective wisdom. Through the correct ideology and theory guide the light of the specific work to establish long-term goals and do a solid job every work. "Details the success or failure of the decision" is "fine Five" style where the real meaning. Vigorously carry forward the corporate culture so that workers and businesses fate. The essence of the corporate culture to infiltrate into every aspect of the work.
Looking ahead, the very best for the future, the development of enterprises has entered the fast lane. As a result of our product quality, wide variety, place of work after-sales service, customers continue to contract, signing new customers with each other. In order to meet the needs of the market, the demand to reverse the situation, we are positive expansion, as soon as possible in order to ease the contradiction between supply and demand.

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