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 Potssium acetate >> Specification of offcinal potassium acetate

Potassium acetate    Properties:White crystal,fine graMolecular formula: CH3COOK    Molecular weight:   98.14

in or powdered form,strong hygroscopy,easily soluble in water,acid and alcohol.

Use:Mainly used in the production of penicillin kali salt,used as chemical reagent to produce anhydrous alcohol,commercial catalyst,additive,compound etc.

Specification of offcinal potassium acetate

Content£¨CH3COOK£© ¡Ý99%
Insoluble Qualified
Alkaline hardness£¨base on K2CO3£© ¡Ü0.12%
Acidity£¨base pm HA£© ¡Ü0.05%
Chloid£¨CI£© ¡Ü0.01%
Sulfate£¨SO4£©% ¡Ü0.02%
Ferrum£¨Fe£© ¡Ü0.0005%
Heavy metal£¨base onPb£© ¡Ü0.0005%
Reduction potassium permanganate substance Qualified

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