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 Calcium acetate >> Specification of chemical Calcium acetate

Calcium Molecular  formula:  Ca(CH3COO)2  H2O     Molecular weight:   176.12

Characters: white powder, highly absorbent, 150 ¡æ and above all the water lost, 160 ¡æ, when broken down into acetone and calcium carbonate. Can dissolve in water, in the micro-ethanol. 0.2M solution PH 7.6.

Uses: Analysis of the reagent, prepared by acetic acid and acetone, food stabilizer.

Specification of chemical Calcium acetate

Calcium acetale (base on anhydride )% 98.0-102.0
PH   value 7.2-8.2
Sulfate% 0.1
Chlorid% 0.050
Heavy metal (base on Pb)% 0.0025
Arsenic salt (base on As)% 0.0002
Magnesium salts and alkali salt% 1.0
Barium salt% Meet standard.
Water content% 7
Fluor complex% 0.005

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