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Proud and arrogant
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Pride and pride in the achievements in front of two different acts. Proud of those achievements in the face of enhanced confidence in the future to see a bright future, display greater courage to go beyond the pursuit of further; and pride from the face of achievement, feel no one can look around ratio, a complacent and stagnant , two grandiose act blindly, resulting sha yu er gui eventually recover. As a result, the achievements should be proud of in front of Mo pride. chemical reagents, since the plant since 1988, a fire, two pans, three workers opened the industry, has experienced more than ten years of arduous and hard work, the factory with each passing day, the record of reaching new heights. Acetate products become the industry leader, scale, variety and effectiveness of increasing the near future is expected from the "king" into "King."

  Lease state-owned chemical plant two years, we have a brink of collapse in a booming business. Monthly production from 115 tons to 140 tons -150 tons -160 tons -170 tons, yields from 20kg / m 3 to 26kg / m 3 per ton coal consumption by 45 tons aldehyde reduced to 03 tons, more than a dozen technical everything a successful innovation, pieces pieces markedly, regardless of the leadership of the Government or industry Tongren, are unanimous in praise of our excellent job.

  The face of the achievements made by all members of the plant are proud that this is a good thing. This enhanced sense of pride in our self-confidence, work to muster greater vigor, resulting in a greater passion for work, an increase of more entrepreneurial ambition to inspire more innovative wisdom and, more importantly, are clear-headed to identify gaps and deficiencies, and be able to prescribe the right medicine to narrow the gap, to meet the shortfall, to do a better job and create a more brilliant performance. However, everything must have degrees, over on the poor, the extreme on the bad. For instance, everyone's favorite cuisine, eating is just a piece of good news, if eating too much bad bulging stomach to create disease, it becomes a bad thing. Similarly, excessive pride will turn to pride. In thinking under the influence of pride, in the face of success is bound to brain, to get as drunk as Sally into the clouds, complacent and self-righteousness, arrogance, listening to good advice may not be home. Senior leader, an extreme, is ambitious, aggressive blind as extraordinary development; the other extreme, is to be complacent and does not seek improvement as business easy, Shou-yeh difficult. Middle-level cadres rely Gong is proud, must not touch the tiger's tail, a little full of disappointments grumbling, casual work, learning lax dilatory style of work, ideological rigidity. Permeates to the grass-roots workers will slack discipline,jin shen bu zhen a result, inefficiency, high cost, poor quality, with the passage of time is also lost.

guyue: To proud Mo pride, full of innovation and never waver, and then ground drum drive to use its brain and Miles Kennedy presume journey.

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