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In the New Millennium, the celebration, since I wrote a New Year is as follows: "Looking back on past events, arduous on the stage, down-to-earth; outlook future, the cross-century horse feed Ma Li Bing, Top Gun." This New Year's image to describe their own and plant start-up course of more than ten years, focusing summarized the success of a valuable experience - not only to Top Gun, but also down-to-earth. ª¥

  A man who wants to conduct themselves in society and make great achievements; an enterprise to survive, develop, grow, they must both lofty aspirations, but also down-to-earth. Lingyun ambition is a great aspirations, lofty ideals and win the confidence of that is down-to-earth and seeking truth from facts and start from a young age. ª¥

  As the old saying: "The lofty towers are all built from the ground, a brick of a slurry tight quest." Achievements in the cause of the first step must be down-to-earth. To do down-to-earth, they must first be objective and scientific analysis, evaluation of their own, clearly the length of their own lies, work out a practical development plan. This is a simple to say, do a good job in very difficult thing. High evaluation of themselves, would have blindly optimistic thinking, action inevitable rash move, which eventually led to power can not and, halfway, nothing. And excessively underestimate themselves, will also be the mood of pessimism, resulting loss of confidence, let slip a golden opportunity, stagnant. Therefore, only accurately grasp their own in order to better develop themselves. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, can not be separated from oceangoing sailing sculls. Down-to-earth, that is, demands that we start from a young age, Enhancing basic skills. To draw a blueprint for the hearts, we must start from the very beginning to move forward one step at a time. Ambitious, and often great ambition but puny ability,zhi da cai su, trivial do not want to do, events do not, the idea of a particularly large number, not a solution, which will eventually be a waste of time day after day, year after year, wasted years, suddenly looking back, everything turn out to be fruitless. The total voyage sailing the high winds and waves, the road ahead is certainly twists and turns, bumpy Ke Hum encountered dangerous Department, slightly ta kong will not pay attention to wrestling, ranging from bone tendon injury, lost weight while strength . So not only trivial to do, more to do, it is necessary to do a good job in basic skills must be hard, saying that at the foot of reactive power, thousands of strokes and turn out to be fruitless. ª¥

 ¼²·çsignificant Jincao, Big Wave Amoy sediment, without there Kunpeng Zhi, how on Kokonoe days? In the competitive society, in order to constantly move forward, to be successful, must have lofty aspirations. Because of his ambitious will be far, there are goals, are confident that in the face of these difficulties can be more down more Kennedy, the more the more war-yong; in the face of the temptation to show insist the goal is not to relax, Ren Seoul truck wind mettle. If a person aspirations, an enterprise has no long-term development planning, will inevitablyhun hun wu wu, lu lu wu wei , ranking the bottom of the well and sleep days small. Fashion can be good to drift with the tide of adversity despair when, at a loss, blaming Heaven worry people, self-confidence of the true life, days I can. ª¥

  Industry experts in play ground and destroyed, Cheng Si-line and lost with. Down-to-earth and Top Gun are complementary to each other, down-to-earth as if the body Kunpeng, Lingyun aspirations Kunpeng like the wings, no body He kept wings, it is hard to fly without wings. Only minded determination and hope that will be home a corner Quartet; only practical, step-kyu which will plot a thousand miles, from the small streams Jianghai satisfied. Therefore, a person, an enterprise only existing Lingyun aspirations as well as down-to-earth, in order to constantly move forward, Wing invincible.

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